Quality Yoga Mat

Quality Yoga Mat

A Guide for Buying a High-quality Yoga Mat

Yoga has become the most popular health improvement technique today. Anyone can practice yoga and almost diseases can be cured, if the patients practice yoga on a daily basis. Last 10-15 years have been amazing for this ancient Indian fitness improving technique because it has crossed borders and become a part of many people’s daily life. Of course, you need a yoga mat to perform all the yoga exercises, but there were not many options before 15 years. People used to use PVC made yoga mats during that age, which were hardly available in two colors. Things are quite different today because you have many options in the yoga mats and that’s what makes the selection of the best yoga mat difficult. You should follow the below given guide to purchase the best yoga mat for your yoga sessions.

Thickness of the yoga mat:

Many people wonder that how much thick a yoga mat should be? Should it be too thick or too thin? These questions puzzle the users and that’s why many of them buy an inappropriate yoga mat. The yoga mat should neither be too thick nor too thin. You should choose yoga mats, which provide thickness between 1/8” and ¼”. This will be the right yoga mat thickness because thus you will feel comfortable during the whole yoga session, your knees and feet will not slam on the floor and you will be safe.


PVC is a renowned yoga mat material because many brands produce PVC yoga mats and sell them at affordable prices. Though, PVC mats can be very affordable, but it doesn’t mean that PVC is the best material for yoga mats. PVC mats can easily slip on tiles and these mats can also get damaged within a few months. You should search for natural rubber made yoga mats. Jade Harmony Professional produces highly slip-proof and durable latex yoga mats. Buying natural rubber made high quality yoga mat would be a great idea because it will be useful for several months.

Stickiness, and texture:

You will slip and fall during the yoga sessions or not, it depends on the yoga mat you are using. If the yoga mat brand has used high-quality material to improve the texture of the yoga mat, it will stick to the floor. If the material is not good, the yoga mat will not offer features like slip-resistant and durability. You should invest your money in a yoga mat that can stick longer and remain new for a long time.

Is it Eco-friendly?

Why should you be worried about the environment? The yoga mat cannot cause a big harm to the environment, but its material can harm. A PVC made yoga mat would certainly not be an eco-friendly product. You should search for natural rubber made yoga mats. This material is extracted from rubber tree and then purified to produce yoga mats and other products. You can get more info about yoga by visiting http://www.ehow.com/how_4611444_do-yoga-home.html site.

We have explained all the essential aspects, which you should check before buying a yoga mat. You will certainly get an affordable and high-quality yoga mat, if you follow this guide.